Chapultepec Castilllio – Day #1 in Mexico City

July 10, 2018

The first night in Mexico was smooth for Giò Giò. Not the same for Tommy that woke up around 4 am, affected by the Jet Lag, and reclaimed his milk. So I went out to find a near-by Oxxo (Oxxo is a Mexican chain of convenience stores open 24/24H, where you can buy basic grocery, including milk and diapers) or any other open store to buy it. I actually ended up in a 7-eleven (a well-known and more international version of Oxxo). Condesa was quite sleepy and quiet at that time (and why shouldn’t have been at 4 am?).

When we finally woke up, we went out all together for our first day of exploration. Tommy as always got fascinated by trucks, and indeed you can see really nice trucks in Mexico. At least according to the perspective of an almost 3 years old kid.

Chapultepec park

On the way to Bosque de Chapultepec – a paradise for kids -, we stopped by to buy a couple of empanadas for the middle morning snack. We stopped at Zua Café, were we bought some empanadas. Armando, the owner, became immediately friend with Tommy. Every time we passed by in the next days, he gave to the kids some home made cookies: lovely!

With our snacks in the back pack, we finally enter Chapultepec park. Tommy was still sleepy (not surprise, after waking up at 4 am…). He woke up immediately as soon as he saw some squirrels running in the park.

The park is really nice, clean and full of interesting activities for the kids. In five days we couldn’t actually explore it all! For the first day, we walked a bit around with the goal to visit the castle of Chapultepec Castilllio. Which also hosts the National History Museum).

Around the park, Tommy loved the squirrels, the play area and the view from the lakes. Giò Giò slept a bit in the stroller, said “ciao ciao” to almost anything moving around, and smiled to any novelty! Such a sweet baby 🙂

El Castilllio

From the Chapultepec Castilllio we enjoyed a nice view, and the kids starred in a photo-shooting by a Chinese couple. Apparently they love blond kids.

After the visit to the castle, we went for a late lunch. The kids had their empanadas, so they were not very hungry… yet. We ended up in a place called “El Bosque“. The food was really nice, but the place was a bit too fancy for our preferences. Big cars were waiting outside and every one was well dressed. Tommy was sleeping, so he didn’t enjoy the food. While Giò Giò ate like he was not having food for days: like he always does.

After that we walked back to our flat, we arrived around 5, just for a quick rest of the kids.

Day almost over in Mexico City, and we hadn’t any energy to go out for dinner. So we tried for our first time Uber Eats, a food delivery service by the famous peer-to-peer ridesharing company.

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