Day #1 in Playa del Carmen

July 16, 2018

For our first stop in Yucatan we opted for Playa del Carmen. The plan was to relax spending few days by the seaside with the kids, try to find our “holiday rhythm”. Which cannot be but quiet and calm! We have to take into account the needs and pace of a 1 year and a 3 year kid.
Playa is a quite touristic city, with a very busy downtown and many beach clubs for young party people. At least in the area from 16 Norte to 56 Norte. Thus, we picked a studio in a small Condo on the 80 Norte.This is a very quiet area just in front of Centro Cultural Caracol Marino.
The nice thing of the area is that it looks much more original than the touristic area. Our condo was separated by the sea side by a forest of mangroves, and not by an infinite series of condos.

Relax at the Beach

As first day, we wake up early (2nd Giò’s dummy went missing). After breakfast we went to the public beach in front of our condo.
We walked just few hundred meters on the 5th Avenida up to the 88th Norte. There there was the walk to access the beach. The public beach there is well served, with bathrooms and showers and easy to access. You can find out also if the beach has “blue flag” (i.e. if the water is clean).

We were for a couple of hours the only people on the beach (we arrived around 8). The beach was a bit covered with seagrass. We found out later that due to bad weather in June, most of the Maya Riviera this year was covered with seagrass.

We opened up our Decathlon tent (very useful to get shadow for the kids and me), placed Giò Giò in the shadow (he fell asleep on the way to beach in the stroller), and started playing in the sand with Tommy. Michi was directing the creation of the castle, while I was digging a two arch bridge (and the corresponding water channel to protect the palace). Thanks to Condo 80’s buckets, the morning was covered quite well!

Lot of fun later (around 11.30), we went to La 88 restaurant / bar, to have a quick lunch. The food was ok, but nothing special, honestly I won’t recommend it, but still it’s very easy to reach from the beach and they have highchairs.

Screaming at the pool

Considering that our kids have very light skin (as me) and that the sun was hitting already strong, we went back to the studio to enjoy the small pool.

While Tommy screamed of fun for another couple of hours before falling asleep till dinner, Giò Giò didn’t seem to enjoy it that much, possibly also because Tommy was all the time throwing water at him. The pool is just perfect for them, it’s about 60 centimetres depth and covered with a net to create shadow. Great idea by Fabio and Iliana (the couple owning Condo 80). Also the garden is perfect, and full of nice attractions for the kids: cats, swing, hammock, flowers, cactus, … (check the video to have an idea).

We dined in the Studio and went bed early around 9.30. Quite a dense day in Playa del Carmen!


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    Marina Reply March 23, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    Non siamo mai stati in Messico ma credo che seguiremo i tuoi post x scoprire questo luogo ancora sconosciuto per noi!!!

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