Punta Esmeralda: Day #2 in Playa del Carmen

July 17, 2018

We started the morning with a nice breakfast in the garden (Tommy’s idea) and with some swimming pool fun. This time, Giò Giò is more quiet and Tommy is taking good care of him! He is floating his little brother around in the small pool.

Punta Esmeralda

With the usual large delay on the initial plan, we finally exited the condo to head to “Punta Esmeralda” beach. On the way to the beach we had a look at the different murals on the street. Here, like in Mexico City, murals seems a very important aspect of Mexican culture.

I found “Punta Esmeralda” googling: it seemed to be the most
beautiful beach in Playa del Carmen for many people.
“Punta Esmeralda” is actually a Cenote. I.e. a spring of natural water coming up from the underground. This particular Cenote enters slowly in the Caribbean sea water.
The place is really beautiful and the time we arrived (10:40) we were the only not Mexican people there. Tommy had lot of fun in the natural water pool playing with the toys we borrowed from Iliana. As always Giò Giò fell asleep on the way to beach, so we placed the stroller in the shadow of a palm. Later he joined the party in the refreshing and quiet water! The water was starting to be more populated by happy Mexican families. It’s holiday school break also in Mexico during July.

Also this public beach is well served, including tables, bathrooms, showers, and a nice playground. Simply perfect for our two globetrotters. Like the one from the previous day.

Beach clubbing

Around noon, we moved to Cocoa Beach club not far away from the beach. Cocoa Beach club is a very simple setting where a kitchen truck is position surrounded by few tables and topped by a wooden terrace that provides a beautiful view over “Punta Esmeralda”.
The bar is also nice and includes a nice series of swing where you can seat and have a drink (too bad this is the wrong side of Yucatan to watch sun sets).

After lunch, we had a quick refreshing bath. Then, to avoid the heat wave, we headed back to the studio. There we played in the shadow of the pool. (3rd Giò’s dummy went missing).

We had dinner in the Studio and then went for a cold beer. No way to buy any alcohol in a supermarket or Oxxi near by the condo – this because the condo is in a residential area. With the small walk, the kids felt asleep.


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