Day #3 in Playa del Carmen

July 18, 2018

Day 3 in Playa started mostly in the same way as Day 2: during the morning session in the swimming pool we found out that the all wall surrounding the condo is populated by around 14 Iguana. Tommy was very excited about that!

This time we reach the beach a bit earlier than the previous day (a bit before 10). Thus we have been able to place the stroller and the Decathlon “2 seconds” (to open it, to close it, it’s another story…) tent in a better spot. Tommy had great success with two little Mexican girls and played with them long time. Later on, one of his buckets floated around, just to make him realise that “it’s mine” is not a very common concept for the kids here: everyone plays with everyone else stuff and no one dares complaining about that (except Tommy, of course). Lesson learnt (well, I am not entirely sure about that), he started collecting the toys from a neighbour kid.

This time we had lunch at home, and spent the afternoon in the pool in good company with our new fellow Iguana. When Iliana was back from work, she took us visiting the other studios in the upper floors: not suitable for toddlers due to the internal stairs, but lovely and, with an breath taking view over the mangrove forest and the Caribbean sea.

Following Iliana’s advice, and considering we where tired of Mexican food after 10 days of that, we went for dinner at “Salento“, a nice pizzeria run by Simone and Samuel. The pizza was great and the price absolutely reasonable. Moreover, Samuel took good care of our little ones entertaining them as much as he could 🙂

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