Day #2 in Tulum

July 22, 2018

The original plan was to visit Tulum’s ruins and we actually attempted to follow the plan, but Giò Giò wasn’t feeling good, so at the moment to buy the tickets, we skipped the plan and started looking for a beach club with a swimming pool on the Tulum coast: not an easy thing apparently. The need for the pool
was due to the fact that the sea and beaches were full of sargassum (an unbelievable amount) and that there were quite high waves (not at all toddler friendly).

Our quest gave us the chance to meet a huge crab and different Iguanas: all things that got Tommy and Giò Giò very excited!

After several attempts we ended up at Mia beach club that has a small pool perfect for toddlers. We spent there large part of the day there, including lunch. Salads were great! Tommy and Giò Giò screamed happily in the shallow water, Tommy also played a bit with the sand and entertained an American family.

Around 4 we decided to explore the coast: an infinite sequence of restaurants, hotels, bars and shops.
Some looking nice, other horrible. Definitively not a quiet area where to get lost in the nature.

We spent some time in our cabana relaxing: the tent for mosquitos became an interesting place where to play hide and seek. Finally, for Dinner we picked again Adone’s amazing food 🙂

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