Day #3 in Tulum

July 23, 2018

We started in the early morning to visit Tulum’s ruins when the temperature is still acceptable for the kids.(Definitively, July is not the best month to visit Yucatan for many reasons – I will try to list them in a another post). The ruins, differently from Coba, are not surrounded by the the forest, still there are few spots where you can find some shadow, and compared to Coba the size is much smaller, so going around with the stroller is not a bad option. Tulum, originally called, Zama “City of Dawn”, is build on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea. Personally, I think that the most fascinating thing: compared to other sites, the ruins are less imposing.

We managed to visit most of the site using the stroller, and Tommy got excited by the large number of Iguana he met. Some of which were really impressive (more than 1.5 meter including the tail!). Due to the heat and complexity of getting to the beach, I went down alone, leaving them resting in the shadow for a while. Probably, as several vendors will tell you before entering the ruins, the view of the “Castillio” is better from the open sea rather than the beach, but still seeing from the beach this ancient temple build on top of the cliff, is quite impressive (and reminds a lot of some of the majestic locations used by ancient Greeks and Romans to build their temples or villas).

For lunch we stopped in Tulum, at “El Mariachi Loco” not a place I would recommend, but the only we found open that agreed to prepare pasta with oil for the kids (as said Giò Giò was not in good shape since the previous day).

After lunch we went to Cenote Zacil-Ha. Beyond a nice open air Cenote, this location offers three swimming pools, two of which suitable for babies and small kids.
Tommy and Giò Giò had great fun! Most important, they refreshed after the hot morning at the ruins. The location was quite crowded, but mostly by Mexican families. On top of the Cenote there was also a Zip-line, and Tommy got hypnotised by people jumping in the fresh water.

When the Cenote closed (getting out before was impossible, Tommy didn’t allow that), we headed back to Casa Mango for our last dinner and night in the Jungle.

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