From Tulum to Mahahual stopping by Bacalar

July 25, 2018

Tulum is 230 km from Mahahual, thus the transfer would not take the all day. This is why we decided to explore Bacalar on the way to Mahahual. It was indeed a good idea!


The laguna of Bacalar is just amazing! We arrived a bit before lunch time in Bacalar and stopped in Cenote Concalitos.
The Cenote is inside Bacalar laguna and you can recognise it easily. There is a blue dark hole in the laguna’s water. Its average depth is around 30 meters, while the surrounding water is quite shallow: we could walk around for long distance in the laguna.

The Laguna around Concalitos features hammocks and swings where you can relax and play with the kids. Despite being fresh water, the temperature in the laguna is quite warm (not as much as the Caribbean sea though). Concalitos  features also fossilised stromatoliths, one of the most old proof of life on Earth.

The bar in the Cenote serves decent food for a quite chip price, and cold beers: you have all what you need to relax there in a hot day. There was also a travelling musician, Nicolàs Ramos, who performed some classics with his guitar. Tommy got extremely fascinated, and tried to play with his using his smaller fake guitar: we had lot of fun watching him 🙂

From Bacalar to Mahahual

Around 4 it was time to leave. So we packed our beach equipment in the car, stopped on the laguna for few last family pictures, and took the road toward Mahahual.

We arrived at our hotel (Luna de Plata) for dinner (kids time, i.e. around 7 pm). The hotel is nice and is located outside the malecon in a quiet area and with its beach club. The reception service was not the best: the manager said she didn’t expect us to have 2 kids. This was crystal clear in the reservation, where we asked also for the baby cot. So they needed sometime to prepare us the room. The restaurant in the hotel, was an Italian restaurant. It was ok, but not so good to make you feel home while eating.

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