Relaxing weekend in Turin

September 3, 2018

For our first wedding anniversary we organised a relaxing weekend in Turin without the kids. Fede had been there many years ago and it is incredible how the city changed! Most people says it was thanks to the Winter Olympics. Not sure it’s only that, but still we had a very nice weekend!

From Tessin we drove by car, while we love travelling by train, having to drop the kids to the grandparents in Luino, the train option would have taken much longer.

We left on Friday morning and arrived there around noon and, after a quick lunch, we spent the few hours at QC Terme Torino (thermal baths in the centre of the city). Not a bad start for a relaxing weekend in Turin!

Baths were really nice, truly 5 stars. First, there is a nice variety of pools, baths, saunas and relax areas! Secondly, it is very comfortable that they provide you with flip flops and bathrobe: a couple of less things you need to carry in the luggage!

Probably we were lucky and picked a time (lunch break in a weekday) that was not very crowded, but we really loved the fact that we could quietly and lonely enjoy most of the areas.

Also the location is nice, it’s a palace from the 18th century. Well done qc!

After that we went to the flat we booked with Airbnb, nice, well furnished and with a nice view (an attic on the top of a 19th century building in Piazza Statuto).

From there we walked through the city till reaching Open Baladin where we had our brew tasting night (and dinner). As beer lover, we really enjoyed the selection! And also the food was great! If you don’t know anything about Italian craft beer movement, you should know that Baladin brothers had a prominent role in what is today a quite live movement. So if you love craft beer, don’t miss a visit to their pubs 🙂

With a couple of beers in our head, and a very lightweight heart, we moved toward the Egyptian Museum where we booked a night visit.

Believe it or not, but this is one of the most important Egyptian museums in the World. Probably second only to Cairo museum.

The guide was very passionate (and patient with our curiosity), and that made the visit even more spectacular. The section we liked more was the one on Deir el-Medina, not much for the archaeological finds, but for the amount of incredible stories they found thanks to the written documents they found on site.

Of course, if your kids are not small toddlers, we highly recommend to not miss the chance to take them to this museum! They will love it 🙂

And this was the end of our first day in Turin 🙂

On day 2, we walked again through Corso Garibaldi passing by Piazza Castello and headed to National Museum of Cinema. This museum has really great content, covering from the early steps of cinema to nowadays. It also covers technologies used in film making and directing techniques. At the time of our visit there a nice exhibition on music in cinema. What is more majestic about this museum is the location: la Mole Antoneliana one of the most representative landmarks of Turin. A pity that the elevator was closed for maintenance and we couldn’t go to the top.

Is it worth to go with kids? I would say yes! They also run many activities dedicated to kids!

We had two piadina at La Piè and then moved to our next stop: Museum of Oriental Art!

On the way to the Museum we passed by Porta Palatina: the only gate that survived Savoia reorganisation of the city in the 18th century. This gate is a very well preserved Roman gate with some addition from the medieval time. The gate was restored at the beginning of the 20th century with the aim of removing all the addition that were not from the original construction.

Before reaching the museum we also stopped in a nice shop of spices native to Madagascar. Atelier Madagascar shop is really nice. The musician helping the owner (Edith, a lady from Madagascar), was extremely kind and provided us with lot of information on the spice mixes we bought! Highly recommended if you like tea and other spices!

This Museum has a small collection of arts from Asia that guides you through the history of the main Asian cultures. The section covering Buddha art from Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar is particularly nice. Probably we are biased by the fact that we really love that part of the world 😊

After some rest in our AirBnb accommodation, following the inspiration of coming from the last museum we visited, we went to a Japanese restaurant! Shari Fusion‘s sushi and sashimi were quite good quality and we really enjoyed our anniversary dinner ❤️ A proper closure for our relaxing weekend in Turin!

The following day, with the aim of reaching the family for lunch, we moved out early. On the way to Luino, we stopped in Gattinara, a small village in Piedmont quite famous for its wine. At the Enoteca Regionale di Gattinara, probably the only place open on Sunday where you can buy local wine, we learned about the different production and bought few bottles!

After that, to add a bit of romance to the travel, instead of taking the most direct road to Luino, we headed to Intra, where we took the ferry crossing Maggiore lake. We enjoyed the view of the the lake from the ferry (that takes only 20 minutes) and then we drove the scenic lake side road till reaching our little ones for a great family hug 🙂

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