Chefchaouen with the kids

February 26, 2019

After three night in Fez, we started our road trip in north Morocco. First stop, the famous blue city: Chefchaouen. Before starting the trip we thought that visiting Chefchaouen with the kids would be lovely! To reach the blue city, we rented a Renault Clio with Aircar. There was a little problem with the infant seat we booked (they originally organised a baby seat, that was too small for Giò Giò), and due to that we started with a bit of delay on the original plan.

Reaching Chefchaouen

To reach Chefchaouen, we crossed a variety of amazing green landscapes! Being first time travellers to that area of Morocco, we were surprised! We expected the landscape to be more dry, instead it was full of green fields, olive trees, almonds, and among the trees there were plenty of yellow flowers 🙂 The life in the Moroccan country side is still very traditional and we could spot many people moving around using donkeys and using them also to plow the fields.

We travelled slowly enjoying the landscape, and having little breaks from time to time to let the kids enjoy the nature and move a bit.

After 5 hours, we finally reached Chefchaouen around 17.30! A perfect time at the end of February to reach the city, and watch it when the sun is getting closer to horizon and the light getting softer. We parked the car and contacted our Airbnb host: Anass. Anass helped us to reach his riad in the Medina. Talking with Anass, we found out that he has a small girl. The room, in the middle of the Medina, was small but nice!

For dinner, we went to Aladdin Restaurant. The food was not special, but the location is very scenic. The restaurant is located in front of the Kasbah and from the upper floors (including terraces), you can have an amazing view over the city. The kids loved climbing the stairs and watching the sunset from the terrace.

Time to go bed!

Exploring Chefchaouen with the kids

We woke up early full of energies and ready to explore Chefchaouen with the kids! Too early probably 🙂 The city was totally empty, but we enjoyed and walked a bit around the empty alleys waiting for restaurants to open up for breakfast.


After a rich breakfast, we took a big bag to the laundry, and start the real exploration! The city was full of small alleys going up and down, moving a round with a stroller was not an option. But the kids did not seem to care, there was so much to explore and they were ready to do it on their own feet! While the dominant colour was surely Blue, the city was full of other colours thanks to decorations, murals, and souvenirs. Clearly its inhabitants did know about opposite colours!

While exploring we stopped in a small alley with nice murals and pile of green and orange pumpkins, that were perfectly fitting the blue background. We stopped there for some water, and Giò with his cute smile managed to get a pile of free mandarines.

After exploring the alleys in the Medina, we adventured outside it. We wanted to explore the trail that follow the side of the Ras El Maa (the city river). On the way to the trail, Tommy made a new friend. This nice man wanted us to take a picture of him and Tommy. Not very usual in Morocco, where often people tells you to not picture them.

The trail was very easy to practise also for the kids, and the view was amazing! We stop in a small bar along the trail for lunch (on the side of the Molin’arte). We had a really nice Donner Kebab there 🙂 There is not much space to sit, but we highly recommend it!

We completed our walk crossing a nice rock bridge. Finally we reached our room for a some rest in the roof terrace.

After some rest, we got out exploring again the Medina. There was a lovely playground with guardian right behind the Kasbah. So we spent some time there. Tommy and Giò became friend with a little Moroccan girl. His family lived in Spain and was there for some holidays. Watching kids of different language playing even though not understanding each other, was just amazing!

For Dinner we went to Lala Mesouda. There we had one the best meals ever in our Moroccan adventure!

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