10 reasons to go to Pulau Weh with the kids

July 22, 2019

Here are our 10 reasons to go to Pulau Weh with the kids! We hope this may be of help to other families 🙂 If you want to read about our adventure there, check the story here.

  1. The island is super safe (well except you are worried about Tsunamis).
  2. The sea life is amazing and the water are crystal clear. If your little ones love the sea, they will be happy!
  3. The island is quite cheap, for five days (including the transfer from Malaysia), we spend around 700 € for the whole family.
  4. Beside diving and snorkelling, there are other nice activities you can do: hiking, visiting waterfalls, exploring volcanos, have cheap massages 🙂
  5. The island is not too small (but not too big), which implies you will find many services, including hospital and pharmacy.
  6. If you like Indonesian food, you will be amazed by the food offer! Beyond that, you will be able to find other cuisines (including Italian and Spanish!).
  7. Most of the resorts, are able to arrange baby sitting for a cheap price (how much is cool that?)
  8. While having a cold beer in Banda Aceh may be quite risky, you won’t face any issue. Read more about that here.
  9. People is very nice and love kids. Families feels very welcome there 🙂
  10. You can go there basically all year around. While the best season is the dry season, during April to November, the rainy season on the island is not that bad.

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