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Relaxing weekend in Turin

For our first wedding anniversary we organised a relaxing weekend in Turin without the kids. Fede had been there many years ago and it is incredible how the city changed! Most people says it was thanks to the Winter Olympics. Not sure it’s only that, but still we had a very nice weekend! From Tessin […]

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Day #3 in Tulum

We started in the early morning to visit Tulum’s ruins when the temperature is still acceptable for the kids.(Definitively, July is not the best month to visit Yucatan for many reasons – I will try to list them in a another post). The ruins, differently from Coba, are not surrounded by the the forest, still there […]

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Day #2 in Tulum

The original plan was to visit Tulum’s ruins and we actually attempted to follow the plan, but Giò Giò wasn’t feeling good, so at the moment to buy the tickets, we skipped the plan and started looking for a beach club with a swimming pool on the Tulum coast: not an easy thing apparently. The need for […]

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Day #1 in Tulum

Following the advices of Adone, we headed to Coba in the early morning. From Casa Mango is around 25 kms, and we arrived there in no time. Coba is an ancient Mayan city that is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world, and it contains many engraved and sculpted stelae that […]

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From Playa to Tulum

Time to package and get the car we rented. Usual breakfast in the garden, followed by some swimming. Me and Michela packaged everything while Tommy was watching cartoons on the iPad (unfortunately from time to time, that’s the only way to keep him quiet and do something without having to check every few seconds that he is not starting […]

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Day #3 in Playa del Carmen

Day 3 in Playa started mostly in the same way as Day 2: during the morning session in the swimming pool we found out that the all wall surrounding the condo is populated by around 14 Iguana. Tommy was very excited about that! This time we reach the beach a bit earlier than the previous […]

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Day #2 in Playa del Carmen

We started the morning with a nice breakfast in the garden (Tommy’s idea) and with some swimming pool fun. This time, Giò Giò is more quiet and Tommy is taking good care of him floating his brother around in the small pool. With the usual large delay on the initial plan, we finally exited the […]

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Day #1 in Playa del Carmen

For our first stop in Yucatan we opted for Playa del Carmen. The plan is to relax spending few days by the seaside with the kids, try to find our “holiday rhythm”: which cannot be but quiet and calm since we have to take into account the needs and pace of a 1 year and a 3 year […]

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Chapultepec Castilllio – Day #1 in Mexico City

The first night in Mexico was smooth for Giò Giò. Not the same for Tommy that woke up around 4 am, affected by the Jet Lag, and reclaimed his milk. So I went out to find a near-by Oxxo (Oxxo is a Mexican chain of convenience stores open 24/24H, where you can buy basic grocery, […]

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