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From Tulum to Mahahual stopping by Bacalar

Tulum is 230 km from Mahahual, thus the transfer would not take the all day. This is why we decided to explore Bacalar on the way to Mahahual. It was indeed a good idea! Bacalar The laguna of Bacalar is just amazing! We arrived a bit before lunch time in Bacalar and stopped in Cenote Concalitos.The Cenote […]

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Day #3 in Tulum: Ancient Tulum

We started in the early morning to visit the Ancient Tulum when the temperature is still acceptable for the kids. Definitively, July is not the best month to visit Yucatan for many reasons. I will try to list them in a another post. Ancient Tulum The Ancient Tulum, differently from Coba, is not surrounded by the […]

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Day #1 in Tulum: Coba & Jungle

On our first day arriving from Playa, following the advices of Adone, we headed to Coba in the early morning. From Casa Mango is around 25 kms, and we arrived there in no time. Coba is an ancient Mayan city that is the nexus of the largest network of stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world. It contains […]

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Day #3 in Playa del Carmen: view over the Mangrove forest

Day 3 in Playa started mostly in the same way as Day 2: during the morning session in the swimming pool we found out that the all wall surrounding the condo is populated by around 14 Iguana. Tommy was very excited about that! Getting back to Playa Esmeralda This time we reach the beach a […]

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Punta Esmeralda: Day #2 in Playa del Carmen

We started the morning with a nice breakfast in the garden (Tommy’s idea) and with some swimming pool fun. This time, Giò Giò is more quiet and Tommy is taking good care of him! He is floating his little brother around in the small pool. Punta Esmeralda With the usual large delay on the initial […]

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