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10 reasons to go to Pulau Weh with the kids

Here are our 10 reasons to go to Pulau Weh with the kids! We hope this may be of help to other families 🙂 If you want to read about our adventure there, check the story here. The island is super safe (well except you are worried about Tsunamis). The sea life is amazing and […]

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Pulau Weh with the Kids

When we had to change our original plan to visit Sri Lanka due to the terrorist attacks, we have been very sad. The sadness immediately went away when we took the change of destination to Malaysia (offered by Oman Air to travellers to Sri Lanka) as chance to explore also a part of Indonesia we […]

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Visiting 2004 Tsunami memorials with the kids

If Banda Aceh does not ring you a bell, for sure you recall the Tsunami that hit Asia on 26th December 2004. During our transfer to Pulau Weh we decided to visit the Tsunami memorials with the kids. It was not simple to explain to the kids what happened. Tommy just understood that big waves […]

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